“Those who don’t believe in PEACE will never find it..”

–Mustafa Akhwand

Mustafa Akhwand is founder of one of the kind Human rights organization “Shia Rights Watch” dedicated to protect and prevent violence against Shia Muslims. He has been awarded by Human Rights Education Associates for his work on Minority Rights. As well as achievement in conflict analysis from United States Institute of Peace.

Due to his work with grad student in Washington DC he has be nominated and best internship site supervisor.


Prior of joining Shia rights watch, he managed nonviolence organization FreeMuslim, mainly in Middle Eastern country such as Iraq.

Mr. Akhwand also led the initiative or vocabulary anti-shi’ism which was introduced by Shia Rights Watch in 2011, and created the only platform of system which helps oppressed people all around the world to contact and send their real time concern via their smart phone or tablet devices to Shia Rights Watch server.

Mr. Akhwand has been a columnist in Digital community and editor in Telegram7 writing about thread of terrorism, roots of extremism insisting to create solution to prevent violence against minorities.  He has been interviewed with the United States of common sense addressing Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and rise of extremism in Saudi Arabia.

He has spoken in Washington Center introducing the true Shia Muslims and description of peace in Islam, presented Minority in prison in United Nation, Geneva and Bahrain policies of oppression and impunity in Beirut Lebanon.


Family background:

Mustafa Akhwand was born in 1980 in the family of great scholar Dr. Sheikh Mohammad Taqi Zakary who is religious scholar and psychologist specialized in family relations. Who also serves as representative of Grand Ayatollah Sayed Sadiq Shirazi.


Mustafa is programmer with B.A in Applied information technology with 5 years’ experience in the field of web development which lead to many successful websites and database.

Certification in Conflict analysis for the United States Institute of Peace and Minority rights form Human rights education association.