ISIS beyond a terrorist group, beyond humanity

WASHINGTON, September 2, 2014 – President Obama’s defense secretary Chuck Hagel, call the ISIS and ISIL “sophisticated and well-funded, they are beyond terrorist group”.

This comes after the attack of the town Senjar, Iraq which is mainly populated with Izadies, and the warning of the United Nation toward the “massacre” in the city of Amerli, the mainly Shia Turkmen who are under siege of ISIS. Children, women and men are left without having even small portion of food to survive.

There are a couple concept that are missing in Secretary Hagel’s statement regarding the bloody and inhumane terrorist group ISIS. Unfortunately we are not studying the basic steps of creation, funding and training of this terrorist group.

ISIS was established in Syria around 2012 with the separation of the most extremist terrorist expelled from Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria. Many might know the Jabhat al-Nusra was created by countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar and were trained in military camps in Turkey and Jordan.

For those who have traveled to different countries or know the language, it is not hard to recognize that a large number of ISIS commanders have a Saudi Arabian Accent.

For example, in the video published on YouTube where an ISIS commander tells Shia hostages to say ISIS is great to avoid execution, the commander has a Saudi accent. In the video, several ISIS members then go behind the Shia and execute them. The executioners also have Saudi accents.

Saudi influence, combined with the wealth of kings and religious leaders, have encouraged foreigners to join the ISIS fight. These leaders include Mohammad Al Arifi in Saudi Arabia wand Shafi Al Ajami, a preacher and serving assistant dean of The Kuwait University college of Sharia in Kuwait.

Secretary Hagel mentioned in a press conference streamed on Fox News that we have to be prepared for everything. Well Mr. Secretary, preparation comes by not closing our eyes to the funds and weapons being delivered by the aforementioned countries to terrorist groups.

In order to bring peace and democracy to the region, the United States needs to cut the supplies to the terrorist groups. This could come by:

  • Identifying leaders who are exploiting the hopelessness of foreign Muslims and encouraging them to join the fight in Iraq and Syria.
  • Preventing the funding of the terrorist groups and stopping aid from neighboring countries.
  • Monitoring humanitarian aid with the help of United Nations and ensuring it is distributed fairly and equally.
  • Training and providing security to the populations surrounded by terrorist groups, such as Senjar, Amerli.

This is the best time for United States to prove that the technology and American dream is achievable. We are one nation and we have to prove to the people that humanity matters to us and we do what it takes to defend rights of people in need.


Author: ShiaSentinel

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